Računovodstvene usluge Vomi Consulting
Računovodstvene usluge Vomi Consulting


This option gives you the following services:

a) name check

b) preparation of registration forms

c) notarization of Memorandum of Association and registration of a company with the Commercial Court

d) opening a bank account

e) ordering official seal and applying for statistical registration number

f) registration with the tax authority (porezna uprava) for VAT and employee income tax withdrawals

g) registration with Croatian Pension Insurance Fund (Hrvatski zavod za mirovinsko osiguranjem, HZMO) or FINA

h) preparation of Employment Agreement, Employee Nondisclosure Agreement, Employee Invention Agreement

i) providing a head office address for a year

j) accounting services free of charge for the first two months


The cost of this service is 1.700,00 € + VAT

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