Btech - Vomi Consulting

BTech Ltd. – Jonas Boström

As an expatriate in Croatia it can seem a daunting task to start up new company. I used Vomi Consulting on a recommendation and I could not be more pleased. The service has been professional and with a responsiveness that inspires confidence. The personal approach to service has also contributed to my piece of mind…

Bullink - Vomi Consulting

Bullink Ltd. – Quintin Van Rooyen

I never would have thought of setting up a business in Croatia would be as easy as it was with the help from Vomi Consulting. I couldn’t believe it, it was a Sunday night when I sent the first e-mail, I got a response within an hour. Step by step assistance and continuous updates almost…

Frankling Marketing & Design Vomi Consulting

Franklin Marketing and Design – Kikki Franklin

Deciding to open a company in Croatia is a big step, and finding the right company to help you do this, is important. There are countless companies in Croatia offering this service, but Vomi Consulting clearly stood out from the crowd. Not only did they give me a much better deal than other companies, but…

Besana Vomi Consulting

Besana Croatia Ltd. – Ivo Brzica

Besana Internacional is a European leader in the purchase, processing and sale of nuts. When Besana International decided to arrive at the Croatian market in 2015 finding a safe partner was necessary. Vomi Consulting offered Besana International more than accounting. Employees are well informed and efficient. In very short period of time with the help…

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