Written by: Mladen Ardalić
Sunday, 01.10.2021.

Europe today has become a significantly different place than it used to be a quarter of the century ago. Advances in technology, the opening of borders between Union members, the migrant crisis, the big financial crises and a lot of other factors have influenced the direction the Europeans are heading for today.

Each country has been through divergent experiences over the last two and a half decades and each is taking different route.

After the breakup of former Yugoslavia Croatia experienced the war and transition. There were a lot of wanderings and wrong steps taken in the process neglecting at the same time the potential the country can boast with. We believe that in the future this experience should be used in order to avoid repeating mistakes from the past.

Nowadays Croatia owns modern infrastructure in terms of new motorways and seaports. Also, its geographic position allows convenient access to the rest of Europe. From the Rijeka port, which is reachable from any world’s destination by sea, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are only a step away.

Vast agricultural areas of eastern Croatia represent a huge potential for food production and processing. At the same time, huge capacities of drinking water and preserved nature ensure a safe future.

The northwest of Croatia with its many factories and companies, which export their products in Europe, is a significant economic factor in attracting investors and foreign business partners.

The complete Croatian coast, from Istria in the North over Kvarner to Dalmatia in the South, proudly joins other European leaders in the tourism industry when it comes to the number of stays and investments in that particular sector.

On the other hand, the Croatian Government is trying to implement the policy of attracting foreign investors by reducing administrative procedures and tax rates. All investors are enabled special conditions in line with the height of their investment. Also, the price of the workforce is substantially lower than in other European countries.

Supported by expert help and advice, we strongly believe that each investor will find their own way of conducting a successful business in the Republic of Croatia. Some might even choose to make their home there because of the recognized quality of life and natural beauties.

The Croatian Chamber of the Economy has a website about investment in Croatia.

Also, has an article about opening business in Croatia.

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